Why are we so good at solving problems?

From simplifying your processes to maximizing efficiency, our priority is to simplify your complex world.

We Care to Do It Right

  1. A Team of Pioneers

    Enginuity Global began its journey with the visionary minds of Dan Ducote, Rich Major and Eric Belgard. United by a shared passion for innovation and excellence, they launched our Automation and Control Unit, which revolutionized processes and efficiency. From optimizing extraction processes to enhancing safety protocols, we started transforming the landscape of the oil and gas industry immediately.

  2. A Year of Expansion and Growth

    As the tides of innovation swept through, we experienced exponential growth. Our Electrical Engineering department took flight, propelling us to new heights. With this expansion, we not only doubled our client base but also found ourselves in need of a larger home base, symbolizing our upward trajectory.

  3. Anticipating Needs, Adding Dimensions

    A keen eye for industry trends led us to identify a crucial gap, and in response, we added a new Field Services department. This strategic move allowed us to provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring that Enginuity Global remained at the forefront of dynamic industry demands.

  4. A Journey of Evolution

    Through 2021–2022, Enginuity Global continued its evolution. Every challenge was met with resilience, and each success fueled our determination to push boundaries further. We expanded our expertise, diversified our projects, and refined our processes, laying the groundwork for a future where innovation knows no bounds.

  5. Earning Recognition

    In 2023, Enginuity Global proudly received the prestigious Louisiana Economic Development Growth Leader Award. The award serves as a milestone in our journey, showcasing not only where we've been but the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

  6. Pioneering Tomorrow

    Fast forward to the present. Enginuity Global stands tall with a team of 75+ strong individuals, each contributing a unique skill set to our collective expertise. But this is only the beginning. We are not just a company — we are poised to redefine standards, challenge the status quo, and set new benchmarks for the industry.

Experience Our Core Values

As we embark on the next phase of our journey,
the essence of who we are is captured by our core values.

Be a great company

We have developed a culture that attracts amazing talent and cultivates long-lasting partnerships with all of our clients.

Do the right thing

We’ve built a reputation around working with integrity. We don’t cut corners, and we’re invested in getting to the root of the problem.

Be resourceful

We bring more than one perspective to every challenge. The obvious solution is not always the right one — and we care about getting it right.

Work hard, play hard

We know that cutting loose enhances what we bring to our jobs. For every schematic drawing, there’s a DIY project that keeps things interesting.

Cultivate heartfelt enthusiasm

We get to do engineering for a living! Our passion for the work we do drives our success on your project.

Practice clear communication

We strive to share our clarity of vision — both with your team and within our ranks. This is how we achieve great things together.

Meet the Dream Team

Ashley Knapps

Human Resources Manager

Ashley loves being a part of a growing company and strives daily to model the company’s culture and core values. Ashley has a genuine love for people — if you’ve gone anywhere together, you know she bumps into friends everywhere. She searches for reasons to plan and host a party, enjoys any activity that involves water, and loves trips to the beach to unwind!

Dan Ducote

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is a co-founder of Enginuity Global. His passion is building a team who shares his enthusiasm for providing innovative solutions to our clients. In his spare time, he enjoys fishing, sports, and fun with friends. Dan is also co-owner of the Green Bay Packers, Kentucky Derby winner Authentic, and 838 Whiskey.

Dean Ducote

Operations Manager

Dean has extensive experience in guiding large operational teams towards achieving profitability targets while maximizing efficiencies, increasing sales, and reducing overhead expenses. He is passionate about mentorship and loves watching his employees reach their potential and strive for more. Dean also loves to cook and spend time with family and friends.

Patrick Kline

Sales Manager

Patrick joined Enginuity Global in 2019 after 12 years working in the medical device space. Patrick has cultivated business in the industrial market both locally and nationally and is tasked with overall company growth, diversification, and client satisfaction. Patrick currently manages a group of 5 sales professionals spread throughout the southern United States.

David Regan

Field Services Manager

An instrumentation specialist with 15+ years of experience, David has worked with some of the most recognized I&E contractors in the Mid-South. He started his own field services company, and after 8 fruitful years of teaching, mentoring, and leading others in their own careers, he now manages the Field Services Division at Enginuity Global.

Peter Laperouse, PE

Chief Operating Officer

Peter joined Enginuity in 2019 as Director of Engineering and is an expert in electrical reliability, maintenance, design, analysis, remediation, and lifecycle cost savings for industrial electrical power systems. Now, as COO, he is responsible for overall performance quality, drives our mission, and works to instill the company’s culture and core values.

Stephen Turner, PE

Engineering Manager

With 20 years of experience, Stephen specializes in power system studies, power quality, power control systems, protective relaying, distribution design & specification, SCADA / Power Monitoring, root cause analysis, and training. He is a current resident of the Irish Channel in New Orleans and enjoys being involved with the local music scene in his off time.

Eric Belgard

Founder, A+C Business Unit Manager

Eric has always been at the vanguard of automation technologies. Founding Enginuity allowed him to create an environment that values innovation, sustainability, and employee well-being. Eric shares his insights globally, promoting his vision that technology, people, and ethical practices coalesce to create a better future.

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