Simplifying a Complex World.

Maximize operations through Automation + Controls, Electrical Engineering, and Field Services.

Give Us Your Biggest Challenge

Your work is hard enough as it is. Let us do some of the figuring for you. We’ll bring our brightest minds to the task and get your facility humming.


We apply innovative thinking and advanced technologies to solve our clients’ greatest automation challenges.


We take a lifecycle approach to keeping your systems compliant while operating efficiently and effectively.


We support our Automation and Electrical Engineering expertise with routine and on-call technical field services.

A Company With A Pulse

Our ultimate goal is to love what we do — and we achieve this through the art of problem-solving.

We utilize the best technology, rely on a proven process, carve out room for continuous learning and personal evolution, and always lead with integrity.

Our commitment to your success makes us proud to be in this business.

The People Who Make It Work

See Us In Our Flow State

Modernizing Bullwinkle

Partnering with Stratus on a digital transformation

Hotspot Monitoring for an Energy Company

Real-time data to help prevent electrical failure

Protecting from Disruptive Arc Flashes

Mitigating operational and personnel safety issues

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