Remote Personnel Supply

Filling the gaps at remote job sites with qualified industry professionals


Our client, a multinational industrial gas and engineering company, had issues finding qualified talent to commission its facilities across the U.S. — particularly in Oregon. Enginuity Global was contracted to help them with their staffing challenges.

Due to the various locations, some being more remote and logistically challenging, qualified personnel were almost impossible to find in the local market.

This resulted in a situation where continuity and standardization were difficult to establish.


Enginuity found, vetted, and provided multiple highly qualified personnel across our client's job sites so that they could resolve their operational challenges.

Our team mobilized Sr. I&E Commissioning techs, Ultra-High Purity Analyzer technicians, Commissioning Managers, and other industry professionals to work as a team to provide the expected standard of excellence.

Before we completed the first project, the client determined that we had sufficiently demonstrated our value and asked that we take on another site simultaneously.

Both sites were completed with Zero safety incidents and the client expressed their desire to deploy our team to other locations and departments within their business.


The success of this project led to new opportunities for our Automation Engineering department, including recent purchase orders for upcoming projects totaling over $3 million — and counting.

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